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On October 27, 2021, the Women's Pavilion was officially opened and inaugurated with the support of Cartier as part of one of the world's most renowned exhibitions - EXPO 2020, which is being held this year in Dubai. EXPO 2020 Dubai Women's Pavilion in collaboration with Cartier, is a project about women's roles and contributions in history, art, and science.
Diana Vishneva, being a friend of the House of Cartier, took part in the opening ceremony. On the stage of the Al Wasl Dome, together with Denis Savin, the premier of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, ballerina performed Alexei Ratmansky's production "Homage to Maya".
Imprint in motion is a cross-media project fusing the fine arts, contemporary dance, music and film making. The project focuses on a human body in great variety of plastic forms. Choreography serves as a means for reinterpretation of stories rooted in the history of West European civilization whereas the space of the museum of Classic Art serves as the venue for this artistic experiment. Diana Vishneva, the leading character, became a guide between epochs and styles of dance.
Video project "2020" is an experiment at the intersection of genres. It attempts to understand and feel what is happening. The project was started as a reflection on personal experiences associated with new reality and grew into a message to all meant for the end of this difficult year.

Contemplations about her life and profession, actions and choices, thoughts about the past and views of the future, unique behind-the-scenes stories... Diana Vishneva is launching a personal podcast called "In the Context of Time: Dialogues with Diana Vishneva."

Diana Vishneva, accomplished ballet dancer and artistic director of the "Context. Diana Vishneva" festival, and Carolyn Carlson, renowned choreographer who played an integral role in the development of French and Italian modern dance, met for an online dialogue.
July 8-13. Summer Intensive at Studio Context, Saint Petersburg. Running the intensive program one-two weeks-long twice a year became a tradition for Diana Vishneva's Studio in Saint Petersburg. Every time they gather outstanding coaches, ballet artists, and choreographers to lead the masterclasses. The participants are both professionals and amateurs, dancing to express themselves.
The upcoming summer event will take six days. It comprises different blocks participants may choose to follow: classical dance classes and morning yoga, classes for the children, contemporary dance masterclasses.
On July 13, on her birthday, Diana Vishneva will teach a masterclass herself. The participants will do a classical dance routine and then will practice one ballet variation with the prima ballerina.
Please send a request through the official website to get the information on the participation, the full program, and the list of the coaches. "The pandemic hasn't diminished the artistic drive and creativity of international ballet superstar Diana Vishneva. Even in the time of COVID-19, the prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre and founder and artistic director of the contemporary choreography festival "Context," Vishneva finds herself on a perpetual quest to explore and expand the context of what she sees as dance.
Last fall, her festival (thanks to its new digital platform) was one of the rare highlights in the mostly dormant world of dance, which saw nearly all live performances cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic.
Recently, Vishneva unveiled a new work – a multi-media project Imprint in Motion ("Слепок" in Russian), which was made specifically for film and premiered in limited release on March 31, in Moscow and on April 7, in St. Petersburg and will be subsequently screened in more than 30 Russian cities".

Gramilano: Diana Vishneva's latest project – Imprint in Motion – is a cross-media project fusing the fine arts, contemporary dance, music, and film making, and focuses on the human body in a variety of forms.
The tickets for the first screenings of the "Imprint in Motion" film will be available starting from March 31. This is the joint cross-media project of the international festival of contemporary choreography Context. Diana Visheneva, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and Aksenov Family Foundation. The premiere will take place at the Karo Oktyabr cinema in Moscow. Then the film will be available in other Russian cities. The first screenings schedule: St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Kazan, Ufa, Voronezh, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod.
'Imprint in Motion' will be also available online at a later date.
International Women's Day
International Women's Day is different for everyone as every woman has her reasons for pride, inspiration, and joy. But there is one thing that unites us all on this day. Spring gives us a special feeling of exciting anticipation. It is akin to what the artists experience on the day of their premiere or what the theatre audience experience on the eve of the long-awaited performance. As art fills humankind with the beauty, desire for creativity, gives freedom and hope, the same way the Spring opens up bright emotions in us and awakens new ideas.
We wish you to reveal in yourself many new forms of beauty and harmony this spring!
On February 18, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow), Context. Diana Vishneva and Aksenov Family Foundation presented their joint project of a large scale at the press conference at the museum. The "Imprint in Motion" film brought together art, contemporary choreography, modern music, and cinematographic art. Diana Vishneva acts as the main character. Invited choreographers are the finalists of the festival's annual competition over the years.
The festival contributed to the development of the art concept and production. The first screenings of the film start on March 31, 2021.
On February 21, Cartier and the State Hermitage Museum organize a major conference Cartier Art Dialogues: Living heritage and cross-generation dialogue. Diana Vishneva takes part in the session "Rediscovering cinema, opera, theatre and classical ballet" alongside Mélanie Laurent, Golshifteh Farahani, Teodor Currentzis. Anita Gruntovskaya conducts the session as a moderator. The session starts at 14:00. Online broadcast is available.
The Diana Vishneva Foundation wishes Victor Gennadýevich Vishnev a happy anniversary!
The Diana Vishneva Foundation wishes Victor Gennadýevich Vishnev a happy anniversary! Victor Gennadýevich Vishnev has been the Foundation's irreplaceable director since its establishment ten years ago.
We can always rely on him, and we are grateful for his support, critics, and judgment. Victor Gennadýevich conducts the team's spirit to maintain the highest levels of responsibility and probity.
Thanks to his attentive and precise governance, the documents are always in order, the projects are implemented to the highest standards. At last, we appreciate his wit. He is a real gentleman providing support and care to his family.
The team wishes health, strength, and inspiration for many projects ahead!
For ten years of its existence, the Foundation has gone through several stages of its development while contributing to the progress of modern Russian culture. When we look back at 2002, we realize how a new reality made us transfer many of our projects to the online versions. It made us find new senses and helped to facilitate the process of development we previously thought to be more gradual. The most important conclusion we made was that it was right that art and dance had no borders and knew no limits. We held 14 events online, which gathered about 520,000 spectators.
We would like to remember the highlights of the year and provide access to our projects.
On December 28, Russian TV Channel Kultura broadcasts the evening dedicated to Maya Plisetskaya recorded at the Bolshoi theatre. Diana Vishneva and Denis Savin participated with the Homage to Maya - new choreography by Alexei Ratmansky to the music by Camille Saint-Saëns arranged by Rodion Shchedrin.
On December 18, 20:00 the theatre event Timeless Dialogues: pre-New Year evening with Diana Vishneva will be held with the support of French cognac house Martell. The program includes Woman in a Room choreographed by Carolyn Carlson and pre-premiere screening of the Context Diana Vishneva festival's video project 2020. Everyone is invited, please follow the link to join us online.
Year 2020. Emptiness or Freedom? Vacuum or infinity? Total nulling or a starting point? The end or a new beginning? The international festival of modern choreography Context. Diana presents the dance video project "2020." Diana Vishneva dances the lead role. Prima ballerina Diana Vishneva plunges into the exploration of new forms, uniting in one project a group of young professionals from different art areas. The project started as a reflection on personal experience associated with a new reality, and it grew into a message to all for the end of this difficult year.
Studio Context will hold the Winter Intensive Program on January 4 - 8. The program consists of two blocks: practice and theory. The practical course comprises classical dance, yoga, pilates, contemporary dance classes, and master-classes with prominent artists and coaches. The theoretical part consists of three lectures. These five days will give a professional and amateur dancers something new to discover.

The list the coaches includes: Anatoly Sidorov, Elvira Tarasova, Alexadra Iosifidi, Denis Matvienko, Nina Zmievets, Tatiana Bazhitova, Natalia Padalko, Valentina Kalinina, Ksenia Mikheeva, Pavel Glukhov, Lilia Burdinskaya, Ernest Nurgali, Vasko Nasonov, Maria Dudina, Alexandr Mescherin, and Diana Vishneva. Please check the official Studio website for the schedule.
The fourth season of the "Bolshoi Ballet" program on the Rossiya-Kultura channel has begun, and Diana Vishneva is on the panel of judges. The shows will air every Saturday at 5:30 pm.

Eight pairs of young ballet artists from various prominent academic theaters of Russia are participating in the project. Each competition day has a specific theme: the artists' specialties, classical and neoclassical dance, solos, modern foreign and Russian choreography, and others. The winners named at the conclusion of the program will receive a grand prize.
At the BURO. NEW COOL festival, a premiere of the art film "BODY SOUND" was shown, a work that grew out of a summer workshop by the same name at Studio Context. The choreographer was Ksenia Mikheeva, the composer was Dima Anikin, and the videographer was Dmitry Nagovsky. At the center of the story is a game as the mechanism of changes in the world, physicality, and the interdependence of things in a new reality, a journey along the spiral of humanity's evolution toward immortality.
A New Project by the "Context. Diana Vishneva" Festival and Arzamas
The "Context. Diana Vishneva" festival and the Arzamas educational platform have jointly released a course entitled "How ballet works at the premiere of the 'Schaherazade' performance." The project will allow participants to learn more about the performance, the process of its staging, and the history behind the subject. The creators of "Schaherazade" share their work principles and their secrets behind creating such a large-scale ballet production. The course is already available at the website and is the second joint project between Context and Arzamas.

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